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About the Michigan City Vandals

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Michigan City Vandals

The Michigan City Vandals first gained notice when they donated 100% of the album profits from their first record 'Little Slice of Hell' to go toward building a Habitat for Humanity home in the state of Michigan. 18 months later, they released the 'Revolve' EP which took them on tour to regional college campuses and major Midwest cities. MCV returned in 2012 with the release of ‘Back to Life’ and was picked by a panel that included Nirvana's Krist Novoselic to perform three shows at the 2013 CBGB Fest in New York. In September 2014 MCV released their 4th studio album, the self titled, 'Michigan City Vandals' album. Their new release, 'The Algorithms are Programming Us', is slated for release in summer of 2020. Watch for shows and dates on our website or social media pages.

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