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Two Books Available from Author Julee Laurent

'A Seat with the A-List' In 80's and 90’s Hollywood, it was all about fame, money, and glamor and I was right in the center of its vortex working at world famous Spago restaurant in its heyday. It was a magical, dark, political and glamorous place to work. On a nightly basis the most famous film, tv, music, industry and lifestyle stars walked through our front door, and with it, all the stress and drama that comes with keeping them happy, which was not easy. This book is a behind the scenes on how the flow of the restaurant worked, how we had to juggle the reservations and who, and why, someone got a table in the A-list section. From drama with Sylvester Stallone and Bridgette Nielson to the time Wolfgang let the USC marching band play inside the restaurant during dinner hour from the most coveted invitation only event, the Swifty Lazar Spago Oscar Party, this book takes you behind the scenes. It was an amazing place to work, at a time when Hollywood was at its most glamorous...and I had a front row seat. Or better yet, a seat with the A-List. Available in Kindle or paperback here 'Lola and Lazlo; Into the Woods’ is an adventure for young readers that incorporates collective nouns into an adventure of a little girl looking for her lost dog. Original illustrations will keep young readers engaged while exposing them to literal translations of collective noun animal groupings, like a ‘Sleuth of Bear’, ‘Generation of Viper’, a ‘Ballet of Swans’ and more. This books hopes to instill a love of language and appreciation for original art at a young age. Available in paperback here

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